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Here is what EXP Autos offers you if your car is good condition:

– We will pay more than what dealers have offered you to trade in your car.
– Let’s be clear: we will offer less than the retail price.

We’re the happy medium.

Here are 4 good reasons to sell us your car:

  1. Simple: we bring you a bank draft and we clear your loan with your bank.
  2. It Pays $$$: you can recuperate both taxes and we put you in a solid position to negotiate a much better price on your new vehicle.
  3. Worry Free: private buyers will come back to nag you if something goes wrong with your vehicle. We pay you and we live with our decision.
  4. Hassle Free: advertising your car, answering mails and calls, showing your car, going for test drives and haggling takes up an average of 20 hours. If you have better things to do with your time… like your family, hobbies or work, call us.

One more thing! We are real people with a real address as opposed to websites who want you to post your car without knowing who you are dealing with. Yes the web is very trendy but there is no substitute for human contact.

Keep life simple call us and tell us about your car.

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